The A.G.M. was held on Monday 16th January (See here for the Agenda,  Minutes of the last AGM, Chairmans Report). This was followed by Martin Saban-Smith telling us about the Black Dog Workshop and his adventures in getting to where he is today. Plenty of food for thought and with the events and social medis activities he is involved with of great interest.

Well done to all the members who had entries in Wizardry in Wood. The standard was excellent and the Club, and past success, should mean lots of entries, pre-register now and see details at We have several members who can assist with advice and entries please ask the committee for help.

Please find attached links to various past demos:

Jean Turners’s ‘wood jaws & chucking’ here is a link to the accompanying notes from her website and a ‘pdf’ version.

Also Jean’s home built pyrography kit.  The details can be accessed on her website HERE - members are advised to take suitable precautions to protect themselves and their electrical supply (5A fuse or RCD) and only to undertake the project if they are competent to do so.

Chris West’s drawings of the Upside down shaker, and the Offset shaker, are available here (courtesy of Chris). They can be viewed or downloaded as pdf. Files

Upside down shaker

Offset shaker